The 500.000th S-CROSS rolls off the production line

Magyar Suzuki has reached another milestone: the 500.000th S-CROSS has rolled off the Esztergom production line. The model, which has been produced in Hungary since its debut in 2013 and has been renewed twice, has come a long way in 10 years: it has won numerous professional and public awards in Hungary, and is now only available in Europe with hybrid drive.

Here we are half a century - young

Dear Visitor, Dear Friends!

First of all, thank you for finding and opening our website in the huge "ocean" of information flow, in today's internet dumping! What you are/are reading next is the "lead article" of the renewed website of the Hungarian-Japanese Economic Club, if such a concept still exists in today's fast-paced world, in the world of podcasts and short messages!? However, we, the members and managers of the Club, even in the style of our website, would insist on the style of our Club operating within such a traditional, one might say classical framework, which was founded by our predecessors more than half a century ago!

Green Hydrogen from sea water – a key to greening heavy industry

For decades, solar and wind energy systems have been visible signs that the transition to a green economy is progressing.

But if we want to reduce - and eventually eliminate - carbon dioxide emissions, we need to find a "clean" way not only to generate electricity, but also to drive hard-to-reduce heavy industries such as steel and cement and fertilizer production. Hydrogen seems to be the most suitable for this.

Raising the Retirement age - Style japonais

The possible raising of the retirement age is the subject of public debate in both Japan and Hungary. Both Hungarian pensioners and future pensioners have a problem with high inflation and inflation projections in Hungary: you also need to think carefully about the date of retirement!

Welcome message from the President

In the following, I will summarize how our Club, founded more than half a century ago, is trying to cope in today's fast-moving world within such a traditional, one might even say classic, framework!